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Announcing the Evolution of our Consulting Services

Strategy Source connects people and fosters relationships to empower business, so it’s with great excitement we share the future of ours. Beginning today, we are joining forces with Kelly Newman Advisors (KNA), formed by industry veterans Mike Kelly & Tom Newman, to better serve our clients with their strategic and corporate development. WE. KNOW. PEOPLE. With years of experience and knowledge strengthening our capabilities in emerging industries, we are poised to proactively impact our clients’ growth and to add innovative services for Strategy Source clients in the media and technology sectors. Meet the future of Strategy Source and let us help you with your company’s growth needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is highly collaborative and human-centric. We thrive in pairing forward-thinkers with progressive companies. We collaborate with companies on their next stage of transformation, be it rapid growth, positioning for an outcome, taking advantage of new market opportunities, and responding to competitive dynamics. We work with companies of all sizes, from startups to some of the largest players in the space.

Our skilled teams provide scalable services across the technology and media space with specific expertise in:

“KNA is in the business of helping CEO’s and teams plan their growth and increase value. A key to growth is having the right people in place at every level of the organization. By partnering with Strategy Source, we can close the loop for our clients by building a plan and putting it into action.”

– Mike Kelly

Evolution of TV

We are performance-driven advisors with expertise across connected TV, OTT and emerging content platforms. Together, let’s accelerate your growth.

Next Generation of eCommerce

The customer is the destination. We can help you with that journey.

Transformation of Media & Marketing

We work broadly in the technology and media space collaborating with companies on their next stage of transformation.

We exist to make executive recruiting and business consulting services better.

Executive Search

What we do is different. Executive search is a relationship between your business and our team. Strategy Source has been connecting candidates with growth-driven companies and organizations since 2005. Able to anticipate the ever-changing digital media landscape, our work is to build long-term connections that inspire innovation.

Are you looking to grow your business? Our process was designed by people who are passionate about the evolution of digital companies. Delivering qualified professionals fit for the role is our commitment to our clients.

Together, let’s find the right people for your team.