For some of us we are on week 7 or 8 of the pandemic quarantine, limiting our human contact and exposure to potential health risk. Depending on the day, you feel like you have been at home for a million days. Each day can feel like groundhogs day, not knowing the day of the week because every day feels the same.

The mundane has many needing to experience something different. We need a change of pace or routine. Many of us are fortunate enough to have jobs and are liking this working at home gig. Others just crave those extra minutes they used to spend chatting with co-workers while grabbing a cup of coffee. Even the introverts admit to missing human interaction.

All of us are coping with this new/temporary way of life the best way we can. What are some ways we can we connect to others again in this unfamiliar world?

  1. Video calls

Schedule a video call with friends or family that you haven’t seen in a while or that may live across the city or even country. Or, you can turn it up a notch and play a board game virtually. Virtual Board Games

  1. Snail Mail

Dust off your stationary and scrounge around for a stamp. The long-lost art of letter writing can make a come back. Imagine checking your mailbox and having a hand-written note from an old college friend or your cousin you haven’t seen in years. Bring back the idea of pen pals.

  1. Virtual happy hour with co-workers

You can still grab drinks with your co-workers at 5 on Fridays. Invite your co-workers to join you in a virtual happy hour on your patio where everyone is their own bartender and you don’t have to worry about splitting the check.


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