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If it hasn’t been done or is still in the early stages of development, Christie wants to help you figure it out.  She has a proven record of success in building and enabling sales teams, bringing products to market, developing programs from the ground up, revenue-focused demand generation, and cross-functional leadership.

Revenue, in particular, has been a central focus for Christie for almost 20 years.  During her sales career, she worked as a leader within large companies and start-ups, including CBSi, YuMe, Time Inc. and Cardlytics.  At these companies, she built teams in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Dallas and fell in love with finding and mentoring great talent.

In joining UpTurn, she is thrilled to be able to combine her love of finding great talent with her experience building and growing early market solutions.

When she isn’t learning, growing or having fun at UpTurn, she and her husband are enjoying movie nights and lots of carpooling with their two children.