We are Problem Solvers for Cannabis Companies.

  • Cannabis companies have to move quickly to stay competitive in this fast-paced, nascent industry.
  • Early and mid-stage companies need infrastructure, industry experience and management skills to take their company to the next level.
  • Success for derivative cannabis companies will largely be dictated by compelling brand development, on-point marketing and sales/revenue acceleration.
  • Success for cannabis retailers will be dependent upon carefully curated inventory, understanding & utilizing sales analytics, strategic employee on-boarding, and product & sales education and training.
  • Most cannabis businesses are not yet profitable enough to warrant hiring senior full-time employees (FTE’s) with the required skillsets due to budget constraints as well as prospective employees’ expectation of workplace stability.

The Strategy Source UpTurn Team offers the solutions to these real issues.

C-Suite Executives & Consulting for the Cannabis Industry

A key factor in the success of any growing company in the cannabis industry is the ability to acknowledge weakness in the C-Suite. Filling this leadership knowledge gap can be the difference between accelerating growth and closing your doors.

As the cannabis industry experiences rapid growth, critical projects and investor demand are all increasing the need for fractional C-Suite leadership. UpTurn’s network of tenured Executives act as interim consulting experts to move your company forward.  With our proven track record in all functions of business – Management, Operations, Sales/Marketing, Accounting and Finance – UpTurn takes your business to the next level at a manageable cost.

Cannabis Consulting & Fractional Leadership

For many companies navigating the cannabis marketplace, Strategy Source fractional leadership provides expert, timely support armed with goal-oriented solutions that deliver business results, save money and reduce employee churn.  Our UpTurn team of senior leaders, who have worked at some of the largest companies in the world, offer expertise in:

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Direct to Consumer Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Media Strategy & Integration
  • HR / Talent Acquisition
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Marketing Communications / PR
  • Finance Leadership

Executive Search & Cannabis Recruiting

As the cannabis industry matures, candidates with emerging & relevant skillsets will be in high demand.

Not only does UpTurn have immediate access to experienced cannabis candidates, we also partner with our parent company Strategy Source to locate the next generation of cannabis employees. Strategy Source has been placing individuals in highly competitive digital positions for nearly a decade, a talent pool with skills that are instantly adaptable to the cannabis space.

Whether you need to make a single hire, build a team or staff a new division, UpTurn is ready to engage and can find the right talent quickly.

UpTurn connects cannabis companies and candidates for business management roles including:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Sales / Business Development
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Brand Marketers
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Marketing Communications / PR
  • Social Media
  • HR / Talent Acquisition
  • Finance Leadership

Whether your company is in the digital, marketing, technology or cannabis space, business goals can be long-term, intermediate, or short-term. The primary difference is the time required to achieve them. Strategy Source is obsessed with helping companies and candidates connect. We. Know. People.

Meet the Strategy Source UpTurn Consulting Team

Cannabis Connector | Manchester, NH

Catherine Boyle

Executive Search, UpTurn

VP Executive Search | Southampton, NY

Cannabis Consultant | Denver, CO

“I wanted to send you a quick, but big Thank You for all of your work and the effort and diligence helping both Josh and myself find the right person for the Southeast. I am most thankful for your demeanor, you keeping us on task in a consistent way (I know we are not always easy to get or as responsive as we can be), and really important, I am totally impressed with the vetting process you create to bring people to us.  I have yet to feel like any prospects were a waste of time….all of them had great skills and experience.”

– Martin Crawford, Centro