Your goal in hiring is to find the brightest, most competent employees in the applicant pool. For potential hires, the job description defines the parameters of the position for which they are applying and can be the difference between applying for your position or another company’s job. A vague job description won’t get you the kind of applicants your company desires.

Here are a few guidelines for creating the job descriptions that entice your next great hire. Your job description should: 

  • Set the tone for the workplace
  • Offer a clear understanding of the job duties and responsibilities
  • Give expectations for the employee
  • Clarify the position, job title and rank (if applicable)
  • Tell an employee where their job fits within the overall department and the company
  • Be used as a communication tool that tells coworkers of the employee where their job leaves off and the job of another employee starts
  • Help employees from other departments, who must work with the hired employee, understand the boundaries of the person’s responsibilities
  • Provide a guide for evaluating an employee’s success in their position

An effective job description sets a barometer for what an employee needs to do personally to contribute to your company’s success. It will provide prospective and hired employees with a compass, path and clear direction.