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Here at Strategy Source, we not only provide executive search and talent acquisition to connect businesses with experts, we also offer strategic and technology business consulting services.  As your partners, you can trust and lean on our advisors with business, financial and operations questions – we’ll help deliver lasting business solutions. Our general consulting services include operational assessments, budgeting and forecasting, capital raise networking, team analysis, reorganization recommendations, coaching and fractional/interim leadership.

Strategy Source Consulting Teams are made up of experienced business advisors and senior-level executives to help companies drive impactful business decisions in your industry. We dive into structure, operations and analytics to find the best areas of opportunity that will meet business goals. From budgeting and forecasting to operational plans and marketing campaigns, a Strategy Source consultant develops insightful recommendations that drive larger business decisions.

Strategic Planning

Strategy Source collaborates with businesses to identify business strategy and direction. We work together to clarify, prepare and manage your future growth.

Strategic Planning services include:

  • GTM Positioning
  • Macro Marketplace, Product and Tool Application


Business Building & Development

Strategy Source helps build the most innovative companies, person by person.

Business Building Services:

  • Acquisition Assistance
  • M&A Assistance
  • Corporate Development Assistance
  • Capital Raise Assistance


Sales & Revenue Planning

Strategy Source consultants work with companies to build targeted, executable sales strategies that accelerate revenue, reduce selling friction, and align with overall corporate goals.

Sales & Revenue Planning services include:

  • Revenue & Data Operations
  • Publisher Development
  • Client Development


eCommerce Consulting

The way consumers shop and engage has evolved, and so too have their expectations. Retailers, publishers and service operators have to be available at every consumer interaction. The goal is to deliver a frictionless, immersive, and anticipatory experience across every touchpoint. To do this we align business needs, technical requirements, market opportunities, and operational planning and execution to bridge and evolve every interaction with your customer. The consumer is the destination and we will help you map that journey.

eCommerce services include:

  • Operational Planning & Execution
  • Technical/System Evaluation
  • Customer Experience/Journey Mapping

Interim Fractional Consulting

All organizations evolve over time, and sometimes that means current C-level leadership is looking for a fresh perspective or wants to cut back on work schedules. Many times, these organizations don’t have complete business leadership coverage in place for when unexpected changes arise. That’s where Strategy Source comes in. Our broad network of tenured professionals can help put into place an interim senior level expert to run a business or functional organization until a permanent resource is found.


Bob Hayes


Consultant - eCommerce & Business Building | New York, NY

Consultant - AI & Technology | Boise, ID

Sarah Van Aken


Consultant - Brand & Business Strategy | Philadelphia, PA

Jason Arena


Consultant - Brand Design & Marketing | Delray Beach, FL

Michael Frick


Consultant - Digial Sales & Marketing | Fort Meyers, FL

Consultant - Marketing, eCommerce & Brand Architecture | New York, NY

Consultant - Strategy, Supply Chain & eCommerce | New York, NY

Consultant - Marketing, Media & Brand Strategy | Atlanta, GA


“The approach at Strategy Source is innovative and necessary in a rapidly changing industry. Consulting, recruitment, early-stage funding, sales strategy…they do it all with a high level of professionalism and execution.”

– Sky Holden, Regional Vice President of Sales, East