Many hiring managers find they need the full attention of their recruiting partner due to the exclusivity and commitment by both parties. For certain searches, clients like the flexibility of a back-weighted, performance-driven arrangement that starts with an upfront engagement fee and ends with a back end fee that is only earned upon successful completion of a project.

Like our retained search, we have a 100% success rate with our engagement model search.

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Sky Holden

Regional Vice President of Sales, East
Laura has been a close friend and mentor for years and I continue to value her unique market insight and perspective. Her approach at Strategy Source is innovative and necessary in a rapidly changing industry. Consulting, recruitment, early-stage funding, sales strategy...they do it all with a high level of professionalism and execution.

Justin Erdman

Director, Digital Innovation & Strategy at Bell Media
Inspiring, honest and insightful - the positive energy and advice Laura gave me were a true turning point in my career and life.

She took time - a lot of time - out of her schedule to talk career, sure, but really to offer empathy. People like Laura are hugely valuable and in extremely short supply.

Sam Fajner

Principal, Executive VP @ TEECOM
TEECOM retained Laura and her firm, Strategy Source, for a senior role in sales which concluded recently. The work that went on behind the scenes to profile, source, pursue and present candidates to our organization was expertly executed. Laura took the time to understand our organization, our culture, our people and all the nuances to find the right fit for us. The search was made even more challenging as the role does not typically exist within our industry, therefore Laura and her team had to be creative in defining and assessing profiles to fit a net new position, both from our firm and industry perspective. Professionalism, Dedication and Care are three things that come to mind immediately about Laura, and as an added bonus Laura is really fun to work with (really!). I am looking forward to working with Laura again, I know can trust her to execute our vision.

Martin Crawford

I wanted to send you a quick, but big Thank You for all of your work and the effort and diligence helping both Josh and myself find the right person for the Southeast. I am most thankful for your demeanor, you keeping us on task in a consistent way (I know we are not always easy to get or as responsive as we can be), and really important, I am totally impressed with the vetting process you create to bring people to us. I have yet to feel like any prospects were a waste of timeā€¦.all of them had great skills and experience.


It was such a pleasure working with the team at Strategy Source. I was so impressed with the quality of candidates you screened and presented to us. I was also amazed at how fast you were able to find such wonderful talent. Every part of working with the team was a seamless experience. Looking forward to doing more in the future.

Jae Scarborough
I've been working with Strategy Source since 2013 and the team consistently over delivers. Their approach to active listening ensures they truly comprehend our teams needs before they match us with not just qualified candidates but the right candidate.