On this week’s episode of My Storied Career, I interviewed Ashley McGowan. She was recently appointed to a board position on the 4A’s, founded a non-profit (Coalesce Chicago) 8 years ago and is currently the Global Lead for Business Equality at Facebook. Ashley is a leading champion and voice for D&I in marketing and advertising, and in this episode, she talks about forming Coalesce, a better way of hiring and how she was able to create the job she wanted when it didn’t exist. I have rarely seen anyone so thoughtful in their career choices, and I always leave our conversations energized and inspired. A special shout out to Ronnie Dickerson Stewart, an incredible mentor to many in our business. Note: I was on my phone for this particular episode, but Ashley’s advice is clear and strong. You can hear us on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher as well.