The US economy has been steadily growing and is expected to maintain the growth into 2019. This is a good time to put yourself on the market. Here are a few trends you should know about. 

1. The low unemployment rate increases your value. 

The low unemployment rate means employers are in demand for skilled workers. You are a valuable resource if you have the right experience and skills. Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are up to date with relevant skills and experience. 

2. Assessment tools could decide if you get interviewed. 

Cognitive assessment tools help employers analyze and evaluate prospective hires. Don’t be surprised when an organization asks you to not only take a skills assessment, but also a personality and behavioral test to determine whether you are the right fit. 

3. Hold out for work-life balance. 

Burning the midnight oil and working all weekend are no longer the expectations for most employers. Employers are recognizing the importance workers are placing on a healthy work-life balance and are offering perks like unlimited vacation or regularly scheduled social events to attract and maintain employees. 

4. Social media will get you hired, or not. 

Companies want to hire qualified employees, but they also want potential hires that align with their culture. Your social media profiles are part of your online resume. If you have unprofessional content or photos, you might be an undesirable hire. Keep it clean.