The January 2019 jobs report showed a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 4.0%. The BLS report indicates the job market is holding steady with unemployment hovering around the upper 3% to low 4% since mid-2017. Fortunately, the labor force participation rate is the highest since 2013.

Some jobs are growing faster than others with construction and extraction jobs being in high demand. Installation, maintenance, repair services are seeing growth as well. And, production, mathematical and technology-focused careers are developing quicker than others.

Statisticians are the fastest growing career in Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. They apply mathematical or statistical methods to evaluate numerical data in a variety of industries. The median annual salary is $84,060 according to BLS.

The energy industry is seeing growth in three career areas: Solar Panel Installer, Wind Turbine Technician and Derrick Operators. These careers warrant a median income of $39,490 to $53,880 depending on location.

For eight states, the fastest-growing job is a solar panel installer. The sunny states of California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey use “PV installers” to assemble, install and maintain solar panel systems on rooftops or other structures.

Wind turbine technicians are in high demand in Colorado, Texas, Nebraska and Iowa. Technicians perform maintenance on the wind turbines equipment.

North Dakota, Oklahoma and in Middle America are looking for Derrick operators for the oil and gas industry to maintain drilling equipment and maintain rigs.