You have talent and the right experience. You are known as a good employee and get a “good” review every year. But what if good isn’t good enough. How do you go from being a good employee to being a great employee? These 10 things can set you apart and get you noticed as a great employee. 

  1. Be on Time – “Work begins at 8” means that you are at your desk and ready for the day when the clock strikes 8:00. Try showing up a few minutes early to meetings too.
  2. Work Ethic – Be consistent, honest and reliable.
  3. Effort – Giving 100% all the time can be difficult. But even 100% as often as you can will get you noticed.
  4. Energy – Sometimes that afternoon cup of joe gives you the boost to make it through the rest of the day.
  5. Body/Language – Shoulders back, sit up straight, put a smile on your face. No RBF around here.
  6. Passion –  Find some part of your job you are passionate about and focus on that. Remind yourself of why you were excited to take the position in the first place and use that to fuel your week.
  7. Do Extra – Go the extra mile on the presentation. Mentor a peer. Offer to pitch in when someone is under water.
  8. Be Prepared – Show up with a pen and paper, laptop or other materials to meetings. Read over pertinent information before a meeting or sending an email.
  9. Be Coachable – Listen to constructive criticism and make efforts to learn from your managers and peers.
  10. Attitude – A positive attitude goes a long way.