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Are you looking to grow your business with the right qualified candidate?

Here at Strategy Source, we have been providing executive search and talent acquisition services for businesses across the US since 2005. Our passion for the digital industry allows us to offer recruiting services are more affordable, less risky, faster and more flexible than other recruiting and technology staffing firms around the US.

The Strategy Source Executive Search team understands the importance of time and how things quickly things can move in high-growth digital companies. That’s why our executive search and talent acquisition process was uniquely crafted to deliver results that keep pace with every organizational and digital industry change.

The bottom line? Strategy Source clients simply prefer partnering with our Executive Search team over any other recruiting firm because we deliver highly-qualified job candidates that are a great fit for their digital organization.

We offer four distinct executive recruiting and talent acquisition services that fit most every business staffing need:

We believe our clients can achieve the results they need without paying outrageous premiums for a much longer search process that doesn’t guarantee results.

Strategy Source offers retained search solutions that are more affordable, less risky, faster and more flexible than the larger global retained firms. We offer a full suite of deliverables that compare with the big firms, without all the pomp and circumstance. Our clients prefer working with us because we know how extremely fast things move in high growth digital companies, and we deliver results extremely fast. We have a 100% success rate with our retainers.

Many hiring managers find they need the full attention of their recruiting partner due to the exclusivity and commitment by both parties. For certain searches, clients like the flexibility of a back-weighted, performance-driven arrangement that starts with an upfront engagement fee and ends with a back end fee that is only earned upon successful completion of a project.

Like our retained search, we have a 100% success rate with our engagement model search.

Contingency staffing is the most common form of executive search. Our team is comprised of competitive-minded sales people who are accustomed to performing under pressure, and we welcome the challenge of contingent-based recruiting. If this is your first time seeking search services, or if you need help filling a lower level to a mid-level role, this is the best way to extend your reach into the marketplace for great talent.

Strategy Source excels in servicing your contract staffing and fractional leadership needs. We retain a bench of high-level talent that we can offer for consulting gigs or fractional leadership assignments.

Whether you have a big project coming up or just need a few extra hands for a while, Strategy Source has a stacked bench of high-level talent that we can offer for consulting gigs or fractional leadership assignments.

“Longitude73 delivers a SaaS platform for super-regional brands, and we were in search of a senior seller to help drive and scale revenue. We worked closely with Strategy Source to scope the role and find the right hire. They knew we needed a very specific profile for success and went beyond to make sure this candidate had the right skills, relationships and behavioral profile to create a successful fit.”

– Ed Panian, Co-Founder and President, Longitude73