Diversity and Inclusion are frequently used buzzwords in human resources and particularly in the technology sector of executive search staffing. At Strategy Source, we proactively recruit for diverse candidates at our boutique agency.

Diversity is my passion and something I crusade for in my position at Strategy Source because I can see the deep need in my city. San Francisco is the mecca for technology, and the tech industry is growing at a dizzying rate. The recent World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report predicts machines will do 42% of all labor (by hours) by 2022 and more than half of it by 2025. This statistic is quite alarming not only because of the amount of people that could lose jobs, but also because the people writing the code for these machines are overwhelmingly young white men. Even though some job knowledge only comes with decades of hands-on experience, there are not many older, seasoned employees in technology companies in San Francisco. 

Upon moving to San Francisco, I was immediately struck by the homogenous nature of the companies in Silicon Valley. It was hard for me to fathom that the companies that are writing the algorithms that manage our business and social lives where woefully underrepresented. As consumers become more comfortable conducting their daily business online, it is important that we are training and hiring more diverse candidates to write that code for those websites and apps.

Diverse candidates are critically needed in the technology sector to help reduce the amount of unconscious bias that is inevitably written in code. My closest friend in San Francisco is a white woman the same age as me and we share very similar interests in most things. However, when I go onto Amazon’s homepage, I get the wig and weave specials and her homepage has the deals of the day. I often wonder how much more I would spend on the Amazon site if I was privy to the deals of the day (especially since I have never bought any weave from their site only a Halloween wig years ago). Small biases such as these could quickly be undone by more diversity in the workplace. There is a high probability that an African American woman on the team would have caught the bias in that code straightway.

At Strategy Source we realize that more diversity inevitably leads to better informed higher performing companies. We are doing our part to ensure that when you work with us we have interviewed all of the best candidates regardless of background.