According to ASA Workforce Monitor, “Nearly half of employed adults (48%) say they are likely to look for a new job in the next year.”


You’ve landed that new job. The first 30 days of a new job can be exciting and terrifying. A new work environment can be a challenge to navigate – everything from where and when to refill your coffee cup to figuring out the dynamics of staff to learning the intricacies of a new job or career. These tips will help you on your path to a great month at that new job.


Best Foot Forward

The worst way to start a new job is to arrive late. When an office says hours are 8-5, they mean be ready to work at 8. Arriving 10-15 minutes before your start time allows you to take off your coat, grab a cup of coffee and get prepared to start the day.


No Phones

Limit the amount of time you spend at work on your personal cell phone. Millennials spend an average of 17.8 hours per day using social media. Try putting your phone on vibrate or turning off notifications on your smart watch. See if you can go a few days without the distraction of your phone. You’ll find you’re more productive without the message alerts.


Social Butterfly    

Get to know your new colleagues. Whether you chat around the proverbial water cooler, grab a quick lunch or after-hours drink, you can learn a lot about the office and it’s culture by getting to know your new peers.


Raise Your Hand

Ask questions. It shows a strong willingness to learn the business quickly. Asking questions can speed things along much faster than just trying to go it on your own.



You’re bound to make a mistake during your first 30 days. Own it. Take your first month to try new tasks and learn as much as you can. Mistakes might happen along the way, but you’ll gain the respect of your peers and boss by showing ownership and initiative.


Gold Star

Learn what the job expectations and performance metrics are going to be. If they aren’t laid out in your job description or intro to the company, ask your boss how you’ll be judged on performance. You want to know this before you get too far down the wrong road.


Starting a new job can be a great opportunity to prove that you’re a great employee, teammate or leader. It’s a clean slate. Take advantage of the new opportunity and crush it!