Strategy Source Executive Search

Strategy Source is an executive search firm that has emerged as the preeminent partner to ad tech growth companies, major brands/advertisers, media companies, and advertising agencies who innovate media products and solutions in the market segment called digital. Our clients talk tech stacks, big data, analytics, insights, viewability, programmatic, native, mobile, display, video, social, cloud-based platform solutions, SaaS models, performance/automated marketing, influencers, gaming, in-app, value exchange, completion rates, impressions, managed/self-service platforms, audience extension, addressable/programmatic TV, the internet of everything, and the future, as it relates to digital advertising.

The Strategy Source team is built on the digital expertise of those from industry who love to recruit. You won’t find a better team equipped to handle your toughest search in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, Phoenix, Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, Charlotte, or Dallas. Simply put, we understand your business, we know digital, we know people, and we know how to connect the dots for your success.

Strategy Source Philosophy

Strategy Source excels at researching, identifying and attracting top talent. The art of recruiting is in the attraction, and that’s where our industry knowledge and creativity separates us from the pack. Candidates with digital expertise want to work with recruiters who know as much or more about industry trends and product capabilities as they do, and finding a recruiter who can engage at that level is very rare. Our candidates repeatedly tell us that we know more about digital than any other recruiting firm they have encountered. Similarly, our clients want to hire recruiters who understand their business in order to feel comfortable with those firms who represent their most challenging hires.

Each executive search conducted by a Strategy Source recruiter starts with a client consultation. Upon understanding the nuances of the executive search assignment, our recruiters conduct research to identify and target relevant talent for each project. It is very uncommon for our clients to receive a duplicate candidate resume from another recruiting resource, a testament to our ability to tap the passive market and recruit the digital sales and marketing talent that our clients need to hire.

Strategy Source approaches recruiting with the client in mind. Our recruiters realize how important hiring is to our clients, and we also understand that today’s hiring managers have a lot on their plate. We pride ourselves on being laser-focused, delivering a small number of qualified candidates that match the job specifications, not overwhelming our clients with dozens of irrelevant resumes. In an ideal search scenario, our clients have a tough time deciding between several strong candidates inside of an efficient process that saves everyone time.

Types of Searches

» Digital / Programmatic Ad Sales Executives

» Ad Agency Account Services Teams and Strategists

» Paid Search / Paid Social / Display Media

» Business Development

» Digital Marketing Executives

» Chief Creative Officer / Directors

» Programmatic Directors

» Audience Extension

» Social Media Experts

» Digital Brand Managers

» Web Analytics Experts


» Advertising / Pulisher Operations

» Digital Project Management

» Client Success Management

» Account Management Sales

» Marketing Communications / PR

» Product Management / Development / Marketing

» E-Commerce

» Marketing Automation / CRM


» SaaS / Enterprise Sales