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Russell started his career in real estate, but soon discovered that his passion wasn’t in property — it was working with people. He set out to change his career path by working for two notable Atlanta recruiting firms over the span of four years. After gaining insight on how to make long-lasting employment matches, Russell set sail on his own and founded Strategy Source.

With a background in placements for traditional recruiting verticals like manufacturing, engineering, finance, and accounting, Russell knew he wanted to pursue a new niche. He noticed a lot of new digital companies forming in Atlanta without effective strategies for recruiting top talent. This sparked the beginnings of Strategy Source, the first executive search firm in Atlanta with a digital specialty.

Not long after launch, Russell dove into digital media sales work, where he met now-partner, Laura Lasiter. Together, this partnership has achieved over 1000% growth in revenues and manages a team of recruiters nationally across six major markets.

Russell is a husband, a father of four kids, an avid Auburn football fan, and a man who is most happy on a saltwater fishing boat.