Laura cut her teeth in startups and high-performing sales teams including CBS, AOL and others kicking off client relationships with agencies and clients like Verizon, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, AT&T, IHG, Zenith/Moxie 360i and more. From the beginning, it was apparent that client, team, and company success were the perfect mix for her to thrive.

Taking on these opportunities may have seemed risky, but with her career success she had that same desire to help companies with strategy, team and sales operations growth. She also felt the need to help candidates – she sees recruiting as two-sided, not focused only on the client.  Laura’s unique skill is demonstrating her ability to see around corners and staying ahead of the industry.  That vision will be maximized as Laura leads strategic development for Strategy Source.

Today, Laura is most proud of the reputation, hard work, growth, and success of the national strength of the Strategy Source Team. People have driven Laura’s success from the beginning — and they’re still driving her today.