After moving to San Francisco, Indyana transitioned from a tech-based career into a sales role for a major internet company in Silicon Valley. During her time in Silicon Valley, she recruited and trained new salespeople for a startup venture that she assisted in launching. Upon discovering her passion for recruiting, she became a recruiter where she had the most placements for a non-tenured employee. Indyana then took her technical expertise and recruiting knowledge and started her own technical recruiting firm. While Indyana was successful at connecting candidates with top companies, she missed being a part of a team. Indyana brings solid connections with some of the top engineers in the Bay Area to the Strategy Source family. 

Indyana is a diversity and inclusion enthusiast. She takes great care to help companies achieve a culture and workforce that is inclusive to all of the best candidates that may get overlooked. 

Indyana likes live music and takes advantage of the jazz clubs near her home. She loves meeting new people as a result you can often find her at meetups around the city meeting the plethora of talented people that live in San Francisco.