In the current climate of coronavirus and social distancing, it’s hard to not focus on protecting your family and loved ones. But, how can you help those in need? From donating to food banks to checking in on your neighbors, here are few things you can do to have a positive impact.

  1. Wash those hands. The single biggest thing you can do is wash your hands, and wash them correctly. Good hand hygiene will help keep the transfer of germs to a minimum and hopefully keep you and those around you healthy. Songs for Washing Hands
  2. Donate to a food bank. Donations of canned goods and non-perishables are certainly wanted, but food banks have access to purchasing food items in bulk, and typically at discounted rates. Financial donations are greatly needed. You can find you local food bank at Feeding America.
  3. Support local business. Buying gift cards to local restaurants and shops online will help them bring in money as more and more business have to temporarily close.
  4. Help a health care worker. Health care workers are in high-demand, working long hours and putting their lives at risk. As they work more shifts, they may struggle to provide meals or childcare for their families. Consider offering to help watch a child or to drop a home-cooked meal on their porch.
  5. Check in on your neighbors and elderly. The mental health impacts of social distancing are unknown. Feelings of fear, anxiety, isolation, and depression are going to be common. Texting, calling or even writing a traditional letter are great ways to stay connected and let someone know that you are still there.

The coronavirus will be around for a while. And, we all need to make sure to do our part to help out during this crisis. The small things count, are appreciated, and can make a difference in the lives of those around you.